50 BMG 750 Grain A-Max Match Ammo 20 Rounds

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50 BMG 750 Grain A-Max Match Ammo 20 Rounds

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*** 20 Rounds of Thunder Ammo 750 A-Max, Alliant Reloder 50 Powder, WCC Brass *** DESIGNED FOR SINGLE SHOT RIFLES. New Freshly Loaded 20 rounds of 750gr A-Max .50 BMG Ammunition * We take great care & pride in our product, this .50 BMG ammo is carefully hand loaded one round at a time with extreme care and inspected on multiple levels all to insure you the finest shooting ammunition available today for your extreme range rifle. We use the legendary 750 grain A-Max projectiles, New Winchester Brass & Reloder 50 powder, we simply will not use second rate components in our ammunition. If you are shooting a mag fed rifle let us know so we can get the right load to you. This ammo comes with 2 nice reusable 10 round ammo boxes. Thanks, Randy