50 BMG 750gr Amax Precision Ammo 100 Rounds

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50 BMG 750gr Amax Precision Ammo 100 Rounds

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* New Freshly Loaded 100 rounds of 750gr A-Max 50 BMG Ammunition for Mag Fed and Single Shot Rifles * These are loaded to your choice of magazine length, or longer for single shots. We take great care & pride in our product, this Thunder Ammo 50 BMG ammo is carefully hand loaded one round at a time with extreme care and inspected on multiple levels all to insure you the finest shooting ammunition available today for your extreme range rifle. We use the 750 grain legendary A-Max projectiles, New Winchester Brass & Hodgdon powder because we simply will not use second rate components in our ammunition. Purchase with the confidence that you have given your rifle the ammo to shoot it's very best. The bulk 80 rounds comes in a heavy cardboard box, the remaining 20 come in 2 nice reusable 10 round ammo boxes. Thanks Randy