50BMG 802gr TASS Match WCC Brass 100 Rounds --

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50BMG 802gr TASS Match WCC Brass 100 Rounds --

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New from Thunder Ammo 100 rounds of premium 50BMG ammunition built using our new 802 grain TASS (Thunder Ammo Single Shot) solid projectile. Using New Winchester Brass and Alliant Reloder 50 Powder, We load these rounds one at a time with extreme attention to detail assuring the finest ammo possible. Do your single shot 50 caliber rifle a favor, give it an ammo capable of taking it to the limit of it's range and accuracy & overall performance. (This round is not loaded to magazine length, we do offer those as well). 80 rounds comes in a heavy cardboard box the remaining 20 come in 2 reusable plastic 10 round boxes. Thanks, Randy